Jody Abel and Callen Petersen make up the dynamic due that is Acoustic Element. The day was Christmas. The year, 2010. With their newly acquired guitar and electric violin respectively, the pair took to the street and impressed neighbours with vigour and spunk.

Callen completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Financial Accounting in 2009 (UCT) and then went on to study a diploma in fashion at the Design Academy of Fashion, in Woodstock. He now works as a buyer at one of South Africa’s major fashion retailers.

Jody completed his Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Radio Production and Media in 2012 and has completed his postgraduate diploma in marketing management at the School of Management Studies, UCT.

They enjoy spending their free time playing music at weddings, corporate functions and other social events. Some of their major achievements thus far include sharing the stage with the likes of Chad Saaiman and the Black Ties, Jimmy Nevis, Auriol Hays and other South African musicians.

Watch their performance on EPISODE 50