Grant Hinds studied Visual Communication at AAA in Cape Town with a specialisation in Art Direction. And from the moment he stepped into his first full-time job, he’s been working in TV with a focus on video games and technology.

“I moved to a company called Zoopy which was positioning itself to be a YouTube competitor at the time and learnt a lot about how online video production is done, what sorts of content were garnering an audience and how social interactions would dictate the kind of content that was created,” he explains.

Hinds considers video games to be this generation’s greatest gift. And while radio, magazines, comic books, television and cinema etc, have made their mark, video games are arguably a more exciting medium.

“It harnesses every discipline from the previous generations to bring the world’s first purely interactive media into our homes. It’s mind blowing! And with it comes the opportunity to experience many things we weren’t able to do in the past, put ourselves into someone’s shoes, a writer’s narrative, be the star of our own show. It’s more than we could’ve possibly imagined, and it’s only going to get better!”

In-between it all, Hinds has hosted a few South African TV shows, and has been featured in many more local productions talking about gaming and technology.

“I’ve written for GQ magazine, hosted a few online shows, been on radio speaking about games and basically lived my childhood dream and so much more — that dream I had back in that school quad all those years ago. I spent a few years making a show called GameState. You can see a few of those videos on another playlist in my channel. It was here that I grew to absolutely love online videos,” adds Hinds, who simply can’t wait to see where YouTube, as a medium, takes South Africa.

“It’s in its infancy here and we have a habit of putting our unique stamp on something when it gets here. It’ll be about growing my channel and pursuing the craft, making the best quality videos.” — Tiana Cline

Watch Grant’s interview on EPISODE 50